Abstract submission

Papers/Abstracts will be printed in Russian Proceedings on CD-ROM in electronic form and in hard copy.

Papers/Abstracts must be submitted in English and Russian language only.

It is necessary to send abstract or paper on max 5 pages until 1 May 2020. The final paper must be camera-ready format in Word by form of papers.

Paper size:          5 pages, A4 format

Margins:   All margins are 2,5 cm

Font:                    Times New Roman

Title of paper:    All caps 14 pt Bold          Title of chapter:                All caps 11 pt B

Text of paper:     Small caps 11 pt

Abstract for paper:           10 pt Italic           Key words:         10 pt Italic

Spacing:              Single line spacing

Send:     Final paper send by e-mail: validzic@vin.bg.ac.rs

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